Bookkeeping packages includes the preparation and maintenance of monthly financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement), as well as monthly reconciliation of all bank, credit card and loan accounts as applicable.  This service will be done remotely so as not to interrupt your daily business operations. Deliverable dates can be tailored around your business needs.

Personal Financials

Similar to our bookkeeping services for small business, we can also provide monthly financial statements and reconciliation of your personal accounts.  This is perfect for the individual that just does not have time to stay on top of their income and spending habits.  Also very helpful for tax preparation.  As with all our services, this will be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Outsourced Controller

Our outsourced controller options allow you to control and maintain your own financial statements, either yourself or an in-house bookkeeper, and we would provide review and oversight of your monthly financial statements.   This is a great option for owners who want review processes, but don't necessarily need a full-time in-house resource.

Advisory Services

We can provide assistance in preparing financial statements in order to meet bank and landlord requirements.  In addition, we can sit down with you and review your company's financial situation in order to help you better plan for the future.  We can also assist in financial statement cleanup and tax preparation.  These services are tailored around your company's specific needs.  If there is something specific you need, we will work with you to achieve that goal.